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02-Jan-2018 09:27

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And – most importantly – it’s supposed to look effortless.

The work that women are expected to put in to chasing the ideal is expected to be invisible.

In his quest for ultimate male beauty, Olesker has to eat and work out on a schedule so rigid that he’s forcing himself to scarf down chicken breasts on the bus as he scrambles to make it to the next work out.

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You have to be lean, as lean as possible, because being fat means that you’re lazy and pampered and a is the cinematic ur-example – you don’t get much more alpha than the totally jacked king of the Spartans – but the Internet provides its own real-life swole-models.

When you browse Tumblr or Pintrest, you can’t help but see women drooling over Chris Evans as Captain America or Chris Hemsworth as Thor or the men of Magic Mike oiled up and strutting their stuff.

In Hollywood, being built has become mandatory – even from people who aren’t typically action stars.

The “cool girl” rant from captures the dichotomy perfectly – they should be drinking beer and eating steaks yet look like they exist exclusively on salad. Men need to be muscular but lean, able to party hard and guzzle booze and beer like their bros on The Jersey Shore or The Only Way Is Essex but still maintain those perfect abs.

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And of course, it’s supposed to be Yeah, you can post your Cross Fit workout to Instagram with inspiring-yet-still-aggressive hashtags like #doyouevenlift, #brosdon’tletbrosskiplegday and #noexcuses, but talking about your diet?

The first was the latest in a long line of Photoshopping scandals.