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His contribution, as a positive force in my time, has been second to none.” And it is notable that a crucial part of Adams’s appeal to Plant is that “he doesn’t think the guitar begins and ends with Clapton, Beck and Page.” Discussing the way Zeppelin are enshrined as part of the classic rock cannon, Plant forcefully points out that “it had nothing to do with that, though.

We weren’t looking for some sort of amazing perfection, we were just doing something marvellous and offering it up.

“I made my life ambitious and big and crazy, and basically now I am the helmsman of this mad affair, and I need to take stock.

Come on and give it to us.” READ: THE TOP 20 GUITAR RIFFS EVER He draws comparison with the way Eric Clapton left supergroup Blind Faith in 1969 to tour as sideman with blues duo Delaney And Bonnie, or how George Harrison brought Bob Dylan and Roy Orbison together in The Travelling Wilburys. And The Ceaseless Roar' is released by Nonesuch records on September 8 - Like... The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.I’m not sure what Page would make of their rambunctious hoedown version of Rock And Roll, featuring a solo on a single string African fiddle. His love of the band and affection for his former musical partner is never in doubt.“I had no history to speak of, really, before I met Jimmy. In Zeppelin, I learned how to apply myself, how to express myself as a writer, how to shut up and listen.I guess the only thing missing are the words hocus pocus.” Plant chooses words carefully, with a playful sense of the possibilities of language, weaving around subjects with a quality of private delight.

He talks of trying to conjure “amazing curves and twists”, exults in the music’s “loop and sample and crunch,” and celebrates the “passion, endeavour, humour and kinship” of a band he describes as “a kind of commonwealth”.

Following hugely successful adventures exploring roots Americana on 2007’s award winning Raising Sand (with Alison Krauss) and 2010’s Band Of Joy, Plant returned to the UK in 2012 to link up with guitarist Justin Adams and members of the Strange Sensation band who played on Plant’s acclaimed solo albums, Dreamland (2002) and Mighty Re Arranger (2005).