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12-Dec-2017 19:23

On that March day, she joined one of the US’s most shameful statistics.

With an estimated 26.4 deaths for every 100,000 live births in 2015, America has the highest maternal mortality rate of all industrialized countries—by several times over.

“It’s the biggest catastrophe that we have in medicine to have young mothers die of preventable causes,” says Elliot Main, the medical director of the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative (CMQCC).

Determining exactly why so many American mothers are dying of, or suffering through, pregnancy is a gargantuan public-health puzzle.

Her husband Matt Logelin already was, he teased her, several diaper changes ahead of her. The cause was a pulmonary embolism—a blood clot that travelled from her leg to her lungs, and killed her instantaneously.

She got up from the bed, ready to make her way to the nursery, and stopped in front of the mirror. She walked towards the wheelchair that was going to take her to the nursery, and suddenly didn’t feel well. Though she had a family history of blood clots, suggesting a genetic predisposition, and her risk was increased by the prolonged bed rest and the subsequent c-section surgery, to Matt’s knowledge Liz wasn’t given anticoagulant medications, or advised to exercise to help stimulate her blood flow.

America didn’t always fare so poorly in maternal health.There is no standard or official method of tracking, and cases are not routinely documented.In other words, data collection about maternal health and mortality is a complete mess.The lack of proper documentation of maternal health is about more than data collection though, and speaks volumes about what little thought or consideration has been given to expectant and new mothers in the US.

It’s hard to avoid the inference that they’re not considered important enough to merit focused attention.

It took until 2017 for all US states to add that check box to their death certificates.

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