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23-Oct-2017 00:26

This was a complex project, with many objectives, and many Internet resources used.

The strength and uniqueness of the Internet is as a tool, a way to share ideas with and ask questions of others about things that aren't covered in the hard or static data resources.

Keep in mind that the Internet is just one tool that can or should be used.

Most of the hard data resources that are on the Internet can be found in libraries, books, CD-ROMs, and commercial online databases.

Four weeks later, I received an email message that they had located someone in Hungary who wanted to distribute the product.

An Oregon agriculture department official needed blueberry production statistics by country ASAP, so I queried the FAO's (Food and Agriculture Organization) Library Bulletin Service ([email protected] IRMFAO01 -- no longer available).

A more involved research project I worked on was about airborne videography.