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Here's why: This way, you’ll know the relationship is primarily based on your emotional connection with someone, not the physical. So I blurted out, “I like to wait 90 days.” “Okay,” he said.

What do you two have in common, interests and values-wise? He patiently waited (and I actually think it happened past 90 days, because we were having so much sexless fun that we lost count).

When it comes to sex, I like to say, "The longer you wait, the longer you date"— and I try to wait 90 days. When I started my 90-day lifestyle, it happened by mistake.

I know that there are naysayers shouting, "But my boyfriend and I had sex on the first date and now we're married with three kids! There are loopholes in every "rule" – and I'm not even calling this a rule. Just the other day, a friend said to me about a few-weeks-old relationship, “But I can’t break up with her — the sex is amazing.”Also, I'm not talking about flings. Between boyfriends, I’d read a bunch of dating books by therapists and many emphasized the importance of an emotional connection with someone, and the physical then being even better.

Nature did this instinctively so that we would mate and reproduce without thinking about all the pitfalls and issues that could arise, because if we think about it too much, we might miss the chance to make babies …WHOA! You’re just dating, getting to know someone, maybe falling in love, right? And that’s the more civilized brain surfacing to try and make sense out of the lovely feelings of attraction and desire those hormones are throwing around.

and I’m not talking abstinence here (although if that’s your thing, that’s ok too.)It takes about 90 days for those initial wild hormones to settle down, so you have about three months of fairly unrealistic feelings to get through and here’s how you do it.Everyone puts their best foot forward in a new and blooming relationship.It feels natural and it’s easy to do because both of you want to please the other so everything seems to be flowing so smoothly. you don’t know each other yet – no matter how much you talk and share secrets you’ve never told anyone else!So, you plunge in and hopefully use protection, but is that enough?

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Are you going to wind up getting hurt and broken hearted anyway? How do you follow your “heart” (hormones really) and still be smart?You’ve probably had this feeling before too but, we forget when it wears off and we end the relationship for good realistic reasons, so it always feels new and different when it happens again. Second, don’t jump off the cliff and dive in with “I love you” or even thinking that this one is so different than any other.