Vraymtl unhandled exception updating material

01-Aug-2017 04:11

A lot of new features are on their way to be introduced in the next build, taking full advantage of the V-Ray renderer architecture.V-Ray is now capable of using interpolation for glossy reflections, refractions and translucency.We would greatly appreciate if you report any such problems to us at [email protected] are also a few batch files that will help you get the new spawner started.The built-in VFB has some advantages over the standard MAX VFB: The new VFB is designed to be more interactive and stable.There should be no problems tweaking the colors, zooming in and out changing the currently visible channel etc while rendering.So it would be better to change the Log On user to Administrator or whatever user you use to access your shared disks with maps.If for some reason you would like to remove the V-Ray service from your system you can do so by running the UNINSTALL_SERVICE. What it does is it runs: VRay -unregserver Tweaking the settings of the new spawner and VRay Net system Settings are no longer read from the registry.

Many things over previous builds have changed and some features are not yet fully implemented.However, we will cover manual installation as well for those who have problems.Running the new spawner as a standalone application First copy the VRay and the batch files to your MAXROOT directory.Color threshold - controls the sensitivity of the adaptive algorithm to changes in the interpolated effect.

This is similar to the color threshold for the irradiance map Interpolation samples - this controls how many samples will be taken in account when interpolating.

As such, it has some disadvantages/limitations: The newest thing about this build is the new MAX spawner.

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